Jackson Mac Low

Friends’ Contributions in Memoriam:

Gerald Bruns

In Memory of Jackson Mac Low


Please go through this early phase
inarticulate sounds good to me
warm water washing my winter
ten propositions without using a copula
librarians of truth do not lend books
narrative signals only when ready
kleptomaniac when it comes to words
standing on the hither side of principles
technically a counterfeit language
Hegel spent his concepts foolishly
small collection of objects that talk
paleo-realist science meets behavioral art
geometry says nothing about the cost
my old bones hold up your fresh flesh
celebrated author of microscopic poems
lessons in exceeding the speed of thought
have you seen his new exhibition of props
twirl twice the device before plinking
yes a postmodernist price list please
cooking a poem to make it come out right
gather directions before loosening May
imagine all my body’s sounds simultaneously
in the market for a really good metaphor
local artist invents new phrase regime
rising columns of newshungry nouns
go for a start and be the first to last
this is not a meaningful sentence
an obsessive punster seeks your unrest
dictionary of pretexts, excuses, & credible reasons
don’t go near him he’s altogether proleptic
so many bass notes abandoned to the future
please enter now the prosody assigned to you
I’m sorry this poem is only a facsimile
please try again



Jerry Bruns

Copyright © by Anne Tardos, Executor of the Estate of Jackson Mac Low. All rights reserved.